David Wallimann creates a song using Audified FX

David Wallimann's shows are very popular among the music composers and music makers of many levels. The reasons are obvious. It's about David's multi-instrumental skills and David's charisma that...
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U73b Compressor reviewed in Dave Pensado's show

The world of DAWs evolves very quickly so we have to work very hard to keep the track. Therefore we updated U73b Compressor to version 1.1.2. This emulation of vintage German valve gear got severa...
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U78 Saturator: First Reviews

Our new product, the U78 Saturator, the device based on the circuitry of U73b Compressor has not been out for very long, but it quickly grabbed a lot of attention.  Diogo Borges wrote at GearSlutz....
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inValve Effects @ (Review)

Audified has just announced the availability of their second generation native plug-ins InValve Effects, which consist of three valve based processors: a Preamp, an EQ and a Compressor. Their promi...
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U78 Saturator: Just released

We are proud to announce that we have just  released a new AAX/VST/AU plug-in called U78 Saturator. This Valve saturating plug-in is based on the circuitry of the famous U73b Compressor. The exact...
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MixChecker 1.1 released: New Features

Thanks to our users who give us regular feedback we can now introduce the new version of our MixChecker. The upgrade is free for existing users.  Mixchecker version 1.1 (recently awarded by MusicT...
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