Boris Carloff

Artist, songwriter, producer U73 is the smoothest compressor I ever tried. The SW version is something Audified can be proud of. Boris was nominated for Best sound Czech Grammy 2006 for a...
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Bora Uslusoy

Musician, Producer, Instructor “I am impressed with how great GK Amplification 2 sounds!” His main instrument being guitar; for many years Bora has produced bands, worked as a recordi...
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U73 Compressor: Pro Tools Expert Video Review

In this review Mike takes a look at the new version of this U73b emulation from Audified of an old German hardware compressor limiter unit that found favour in German broadcasting and further afiel...
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TNT Voice Executor: Reviewed by Graig Anderton

Fix it in the mix - with a couple clix The premise is simple: you need to mix a vocal—voiceover, podcast, singer, rapper, YouTuber, audiobook reader, or anything involving voice. But you have a su...
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TC Vintage Guitar Pedals: Another great cooperation

It is our pleasure to play a part in great projects. We are happy, when we can deploy our skills to simulate legendary devices. And yet again, we had the chance and we did it with TC Electronics. ...
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STA Effects: 50% Off for limited time

Our STA Effects accommodated in many studios around the world. At this moment we are giving you the opportunity to enlarge the number of STA users. STA Effects and STA Preamp can be purchased with ...
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