U73b Compressor reviewed in Dave Pensado's show

The world of DAWs evolves very quickly so we have to work very hard to keep the track. Therefore we updated U73b Compressor to version 1.1.2. This emulation of vintage German valve gear got severa...
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Richard Scheufler: Benefits of inTone 2

Richard is considered to be the number one bass player in the Czech Republic and if you take a listen to his music it is easy to hear why. He is also Eden Bass Amplification artist. Richard loves...
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MixChecker @ Pro Tools Expert (Video)

In this video review Pro Tools Expert team member Dan Cooper takes a close look at MixChecker By Audified. MixChecker is a simple plug-in that lets users reference their mixes through a variety of ...
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inTone2 @ (Video Review)

InTone 2 is a Multichannel FX Processor with 50+ built in effects that can be used as a mixing console, live performance tool, and virtual instrument host for musicians and artists for realtime mix...
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MixChecker 1.1 released: New Features

Thanks to our users who give us regular feedback we can now introduce the new version of our MixChecker. The upgrade is free for existing users.  Mixchecker version 1.1 (recently awarded by MusicT...
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U73b V2: First reviews

Not even a week passed since we published the new version of our U73b Compressor and we have already received several very positive reactions including an award. We are proud the world hears what ...
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