Geoff Tyson: I'm obsessed with the U78 Saturator

Geoff is originally a guitar player that evolved into a producer and composer. He studied with Joe Satriani when he was a teenager. Then he toured around the world as a guitarist with various art...
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Stereospread: Crafting the STA Delay

Stereospread is an electronic-pop duo consisting of Sara Snyder (vocals, synths, guitar) and James Hopkins (synths, bass, guitar, drums). The reason you read about them here is James's close cooper...
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RZ062 Equalizer: Quoted by the artists

We are glad our RZ062 Equalizer gained so much popularity so quickly. We have gathered some respected artists reactions. They may tell you why our latest plug-in is so sought-after.   And if you d...
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TNT Voice Executor: Time Bomb

Audio Producer News call our TNT Voice Executor a Time Bomb :). Check the story to understand why... I was recently hired to record, edit, and mix voiceover for a whopping 47 real estate advertise...
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MixChecker: 50% off

Of course, you care about how your mixes translate to the consumer devices. Because You Mix for the People. Then you definitely know, that our MixChecker makes the sound checking job a piece of cak...
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RZ062 Equalizer: First reviews

The new RZ062 Equalizer was released just a few days ago and now it's already collecting very positive reviews. Please take a look at some of them.  Mixing with Mike Mike White presented RZ062 E...
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