Agzilla Deckwrecka

Deejay, Producer, Beatmaker “The U73b is an amazing plugin, so simple but subtly does an amazing job tonally, really does the analogue thing to the sound well within the digital realm, no...
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Tony Vincent

Singer, artist, producer Artist and producer Tony Vincent is best known for his appearance on the second season of NBC's reality singing competition, The Voice. He was featured as Simon Zealotes i...
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TNT Voice Executor: Time Bomb

Audio Producer News call our TNT Voice Executor a Time Bomb :). Check the story to understand why... I was recently hired to record, edit, and mix voiceover for a whopping 47 real estate advertise...
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U73 Compressor: Pro Tools Expert Video Review

In this review Mike takes a look at the new version of this U73b emulation from Audified of an old German hardware compressor limiter unit that found favour in German broadcasting and further afiel...
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Synergy R1 Reverb: First reflections

Just a few days after announcing our Synergy R1 Reverb, our first studio hardware, this digital-analogue 500 series unit was taken to the NAMM Show to meet the first public reactions. And we are ha...
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U78 Saturator: 40% Off

U78 Saturator is based on the valve circuitry of the legendary vintage U73b Compressor. You can utilize its multiple tubes to achieve great sounding vocals, drums, bass or any other instrument. U...
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