Sebastian Zetin: Making Audio Books with TNT Voice Executor

Sebastian Zetin started working in the audiobook industry in 2007, and has since had extensive experience in every department of audiobook production. From the beginning (recording), to the middle...
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Bryan Brain Mantia: U73b Compressor sounds dope as f**k!!!

Anyone, who is at least a little bit interested in rock music, has came across the name of Bryan "Brain" Mantia. This enormously talented and skilled drummer has played with bands such as Primus, ...
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U73 Compressor: Pro Tools Expert Video Review

In this review Mike takes a look at the new version of this U73b emulation from Audified of an old German hardware compressor limiter unit that found favour in German broadcasting and further afiel...
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TNT Voice Executor: Reviewed by Graig Anderton

Fix it in the mix - with a couple clix The premise is simple: you need to mix a vocal—voiceover, podcast, singer, rapper, YouTuber, audiobook reader, or anything involving voice. But you have a su...
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Mix voice-overs within 10 seconds

Using our amazing TNT Voice Executor, you may get a professional sound on your recorded voices very quickly. The plug-in will save you tons of time and frustration. Let your creativity flow with no...
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inValve Effects: 60% off - limited time offer

To start your summer the right way, we are looking back to the beginning of the Audified - TC Electronic collaboration. To times when we created plug-ins for TC Powercore. inValve Effectsfor just $...
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