TC Vintage Guitar Pedals: Another great cooperation

It is our pleasure to play a part in great projects. We are happy, when we can deploy our skills to simulate legendary devices. And yet again, we had the chance and we did it with TC Electronic.

40 years ago the pack of awesome TC Electronic pedals (the SCF, Booster, Dual EQ, Sustainer and XII Phaser), spearheaded a revolution in sound. Unfortunately none of these are available any more and have for years been highly sought after on the vintage market.

TC Electronic teamed up with us and together we brought the models of these iconic pedals packed in the Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle. The pedals are modeled down to the very last component. Together we have brought the classics back to rocking life.
You may see in the video how awesome they sound. Or download the trial.  


We are proud, that TC Electronic invited us to another collaboration. No the first one and definitely not the last one. You can find our fingerprints on projects like Polytune or Loudnes Meters. Better check them all. 

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