TC Vintage Guitar Pedals: Another great cooperation

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It is our pleasure to play a part in great projects. We are happy, when we can deploy our skills to simulate legendary devices. And yet again, we had the chance and we did it with TC Electronics. 40 years ago the pack of awesome TC Electronics pedals (the SCF, Booster, Dual EQ, Sustainer and XII Phaser), spearheaded a revolution in sound. Unfortunately none of these are available any more and have for years been highly sought after on the vintage market. TC Electronics teamed up with us and together we brought the models of these iconic pedals packed in... Read more →

STA Effects: 50% Off for limited time

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Our STA Effects accommodated in many studios around the world. At this moment we are giving you the opportunity to enlarge the number of STA users. STA Effects and STA Preamp can be purchased with 50% discount for a limited time. STA Effects - Regular $129 - Now $64STA Preamp - Regular $49 - Now $24 The offer stands until May 25. What they do The bundle includes STA Preamp, Enhancer, Delay, Chorus, Flanger and Phaser.Each of the set of 6 valve simulating plug-ins offer 5 types of saturation. Summing Tube Amplifier (STA) uses two signal paths. One is processed... Read more →

Just Released: Audified Studio Bundle

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We are happy to announce that we packed our most important tools into the new Audified Studio Bundle to save your money and your time. This ultimate collection contains our awarded MixChecker - the tool that helps you get better mixes instantly, the vintage U73b Compressor and the awesome U78 Saturator based on the U73b circuitry. This mighty triad is accompanied by TNT Voice Executor - the effect dedicated to everyone who records vocals or voice-overs. Limited time offer The four plug-ins worth $516 are now available for just $399. The offer is time limited and will last until April... Read more →

U73b Compressor: Just updated

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We have just released an update to our U73b Compressor. The precise simulation of the vintage German compressor is a plug-in for AAX, VST and AU platforms. The new version (2.0.1) of the plug-in reports the latency caused by activated oversampling. We have also improved AudioUnit compatibility with older Carbon hosts and fixed a few minor bugs.Please note we offer 30 days fully working trial version of the U73b Compressor as well as for the U78 Saturator - plug-in based on the vintage circuitry of U73b. So if you haven't tried yet, it's time to do so. Read more →

TNT Voice Executor: New Product just released

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We are proud to announce the new plug-in in our portfolio - TNT Voice Executor. As the name indicates, the effect is dedicated to everyone who records vocals or voice-overs. So if you belong to the big family of music producers, youtubers, podcasters, broadcasters or video makers, you should definitely (at least) get the 30 days trial version. TNT Voice Executor offers quick and intuitive voice tracks editing. It is preset based - one click sets your Gate, EQ, Compression, Limiter and other internal modules. That brings not just perfect sound but also a huge amount of time saved on... Read more →