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Save up to 82% - January 18-26 

It is not easy to find the best gifts for Xmas, especially when trying to delight audio enthusiasts preferring digital technologies to a pair of slippers. So we created Audiffexmas. Give presents to yourselves and extend your effect collection... 

What have we prepared?

Our effects and applications are extremely discounted for a limited time period. You can save up to 82%. Take a closer look at what you can recently get and how much you can save.

u73b Compressor - save 50%

Regular $149 - Now $75

This faithful and rare emulation of an old German broadcast compressor/limiter unit U73b is sought-after by the pros, who desire to achieve unique warm and vintage sound. Save 74 dollars on this deal. Make it a part of your project to achieve the sound even Dave Penasado likes so much. And he is not the only one... 

inValve Effects - save 61%

Regular $49 - Now $19

This set of tube simulation plug-ins of proven valve devices with exact modelling of analog circuits and valve characteristics slowly became the Audiffex number one seller. You wonder why? It's because of the combination of it's high quality and reasonable pricing.

Pedals - save 82%

Regular $49 - $9

Despite their guitarish look, the Pedals can cover all the effects needs of a small studio. The 36 effects in this set can be used on guitar, bass or vocals. And at the Audiffexmas price, they are real bargain. If you wish to use these during your live production, check out inTone2.

inTone 2 save 61%

Regular $49 - Now $19

inTone 2 can be anything. It is a simple jamming tool as well as sophisticated playback machine. It is a live production mixer that processes multiple audio inputs with studio plug-ins. inTone 2 allows you to use your favorite virtual instruments live. Use it to rehearse with ampLion and GK Amplification 2 along with your singer and keyboard player.

GK Amplification 2 Pro - 51%

Regular $79 - Now $39

This awesome plug-in and a standalone application including exact models of Gallien-Krueger amps and speakers has been recently updated. The three famous bass amplifiers and several Gallien Krueger cabinets models will take your bass to another level. 

ampLion Pro - save 61% 

Regular $99 - Now $39

This plug-in and standalone application turns your computer into an ultimate guitar stack. AmpLion features ultra precise simulation of 9 guitar preamps, 7 power amps, 12 speakers, 8 mics and 30 effects deliver extra wide variety of unique guitar sounds. Use ampLion to record guitar tracks, re-amp, practice and compose. 

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