Free inTone Solo reached version 2.4

inTone 2 Solo reached version 2.4. Those who have the serial number can easily proceed to the download  section. Those who haven't ordered inTone 2 Solo can do it here.

inTone 2 Solo, the lite version of inTone 2, is a live VST/AU host, that gives you opportunity to mix one playback channel with one stereo audio channel processing your audio interface input and with virtual instruments track.

inTone 2 Solo also offers Aux track and a Master track. The application for Windows and Mac allows you to record at any point of the signal chain (i.e. you can record processed and clean signals on the same track).

What is new in v2.4

inTone 2 reliability significantly improved.

inTone 2 supports motorized faders.

Applications or documents can be assigned to presets.

inTone can send MIDI commands and notes to the external hardware.

Chain libraries, factory templates and presets added.

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