New inTone release supports Yosemite

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Audiffex releases new version of inTone 2 for Mac.

inTone 2 for Windows is in the testing process and it will be released soon.

Release Notes
Version 2.1.1

  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility
  • Importing presets from the PC version
  • Changed MIDI Routes behavior when loading a preset with locked chain
  • Note routes no longer ignore the "Control Change" option
  • "Learn" feature for note routes improved
  • Optimization: Initialization of some modules after preset load changed to smooth operation
  • Optimization: Initialization of effect modules after swapping in the chain changed to smooth operation
  • Sample accurate Play/Pause sync of the four players in the Playback version

Track Player

  • Track player restores playback after system overload (does not stop playback)

Build-in Effects

  • Cmd-click to a slider sets the default value

Version 2.1.0

  • Mixer version added
  • Signed by Developer ID "Disk Multimedia, s.r.o." to support Mac OS X security demands
  • More factory presets than just the "Blank Preset"
  • Chains can be semi-locked, so the input and output settings are locked but the effect set can be loaded independently
  • Chains can be bypassed, muted and soloed
  • MIDI routes connected to locked chains/modules are left untouched when loading new preset or chain
  • Color schemes added
  • Window top bars reflect the chain color
  • Editor (effect) windows have two extra buttons. One button makes the effect window "always on top" and the second button switches hiding of these windows when other applications are activated.

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