U73b Compressor Updated!

Posted by Audified Crew on

Few weeks ago we introduced exact software model of german legendary U73b Compressor. Thanks to your (our active users) reactions, we can now introduce an update that can meet all your wishes. We listen to our users and try to fulfill all your wishes.

U73b is a vintage device and as such it may not meet present mastering demands. We added a bass management button that simply switches between original sound and desired modern sound (without low frequencies bypass).
Now U73b Compressor plug-in suits better for mastering and processing instruments with fat low end.
Original device and our first model also shifted phase. In version 1.1 this is now removed. We improved VU meter, added new artist presets by producer Bjorn Thorsrud, and many more features.

If you haven`t tried U73b Compressor yet, please download a 30 days unlimited trial version here.

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