U73b Compressor in action!

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Alexis Juliard recorded song “Cecile” (a cover from french singer Claude Nougaro) at Invincible Recording Studio Phoenix AZ which was mixed using the U73b Compressor by Audified.  The U73b Compressor was used on both the vocal and guitar tracks in the DAW which were then patched into a Trident board to a Sony APR-5000 tape machine.  Additional details here.

Alexis Juliard was born in Paris France, Alexis draws inspirations from Bob Marley, Al Green, Ben Harper, and Jack Johnson. After touring with the Grammy-nominated French Duo Les Nubians, he came to Arizona to reconnect with his essence as a healer and a yogi. His recent solo project aims at relaxing and rejuvenating his audience with Sound.

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