7 reasons why inTone 2 is the best software for music students and schools

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Every music school has its limits and troubles. It is physically impossible to have amplification for every instrument and every student in every class. This is caused by either financial or space limits. But imagine, these problems could fall of with a single laptop computer, that would in addition allow you to use playback tracks and record. That's Audiffex inTone 2.

1 - Unlimited possibilities

inTone 2 is a variable software mixer, which can process up to 9 stereo inputs at the same time. Its effect units can be configured to simulate amplification for any thinkable instrument or vocal.  

2 - Small space? No problem

It would be hard to fit amplifiers for several guitarists and bassists into one room. inTone 2 allows such group to work with just one computer. The teacher chooses, which student can be heard or if they play simultaneously.

3. Virtual instruments

inTone 2 allows you to use up to 9 virtual instruments at the same time (depending on your computer capabilities). Just attach a MIDI keyboard and your computer will turn into a stage piano, organ or any other instrument depending on Virtual instruments you install on your computer (the Internet offers many free instruments). 

4. Advanced Track Player

Students can play along with their teacher or with our sophisticated Track Player (can be used in any track). It allows to play any common sound files, change the playback tempo for easier learning (without changing the tuning) or tune it anyway they want.

5. Enhanced recording options 

inTone 2 allows to record the whole mix (all tracks at the same time) or each track in a separate file. The teacher can show students their mistakes. In addition a the whole performance can be sent to students' parents in no time. 

6. Free version for students

inTone 2 has its free version (called inTone 2 Solo. Students can install that on their home computers and have the exact same setup as they have at school. inTone 2 Solo is only limited by number of used tracks.

7. Student and school pricing

Any student, teacher or school can apply for our extreme educational discount, that make inTone 2 cheaper than a set of new strings.

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