Customer No 10 000!

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It's not been very long since we opened our new online shop. But we are happy to announce that we served the 10 000th customer recently. 

We hadn't announced that in advance but as we were reaching the number, we decided to reward Jeff - the customer No. 10 000 - with with some extra stuff from our portfolio. It made us happy that we had made him happy, according to his words: 

"ampLion has made guitar fun again. I have been playing guitar for over 30 years and mostly acoustic over the last 15 or so, I play out solo acoustic and sing a couple nights a week usually, but have been taking some time off to write and record some new stuff. That's when i found you (Audified) guys. The models are so accurate, the possibilities are endless. Feels good to play the electric guitar again, it reminds me why i started playing in the first place. Thanks for amazing software. You guys deserve a medal."

It took us quite long time to publish the article and so another 1000 customers have already come to our shop. Watch us carefully, because customer No. 15 000 gets the full Audiffex Product line! 

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