Audified GDPR compliance statement

Hello to Audified customers and friends, 

European Union released rules for protection of private data known as GDPR. Audified understands the reasons of protection and strives to comply with these rules.

The internal Audified rules, valid even before GDPR was published:

  • Audified does not use any personal data from public sources.
  • Audified never shares personal data with third parties.
  • Audified uses only the data required by law, required technically (to assign licenses). 
  • Audified does not collect nor handles any sensitive personal data.
  • All our employees sign an NDA document preventing sharing of any personal data received from customers.
  • Audified does not collect phone numbers to use phone calls to offer its products. 

When you buy from our store and pay, your name, address and phone number are required by law, to assign proper VAT or prove that the transaction does not require to collect VAT. We do not store nor use your address or phone number and we don't use them for other purposes than required by law.   

Technically, we need your email address to deliver licenses. We may send info about updates and discounts and to share some community news, if you agreed to receive them. The newsletter allows to register an email address which is not "relating to an identified or identifiable natural person" so it is not "personal data", then we won't have any of your personal data than required by law. 

You may register in our web store to make your orders more comfortable (you see the purchased licenses there) and you may always check the information you have provided and you may change or delete your records in your account, except those required by law.

We also need an email address when you download the software (purchased in our e-shop or from distributors) as we need to prove that the product is really purchased.    

If you would have any questions or requests, please use a support ticket, category account. 

Lubor Prikryl, Audified CEO


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