Audified makes the Wings program official.

Audified cooperates with many people with a clear intention to protect their freedom in creative work, so they can stay closely connected to their musicians community. Which is the same community as we are working for. 

What worked perfectly for artists and sound designers started to work for programmers and authors of algorithms processing audio. The first project was successful and resulted in TNT Voice Executor, an independent work of talented programmer and simultaneously the owner of the TNT recording studio.

The next talented musician and programmer we've taken under our wings is Martin Linda and we are proud to announce Linda RockStack guitar software. 

Even without our active search for such cooperations, there were some other opportunities when talented people started to create audio software and hardware and Audified was asked as an experienced company to support them. We don't want to employ or acquire them. We love the freedom, the independence of ideas and approach. So we gave this program a name: Audified Wings. 

If we say this is a program, it means it will continue in the future. Audified is a company of cooperations, relations and integrations. The Wings program supports this direction and we are proud to see the results of this approach now and in the future. 

The Wings program is open for authors of ideas who need to help with distribution, manufacturing of HW and special programming.  

- Lubor,

Audified head (full of dreams) 

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