Audified Newsletter Archive

In this library, you can find the recent newsletter sent by Audified.

July 2018: New MixChecker Pro. RecAll, AmpLion & GKA updated.

June 2018: Audified Sales reminder

May 2018: Do They Hear What You Say?

May 2018: GDPR Notice

April 2018: Audified RecAll & IWantAudified competition

April 2018: Audified CEO Letter

April 2018: April News from Audified

February 2018: DW Drum Enhancer - the Story

January 2018: DW Drum Enhancer plug-in - introduction ($50 off)

December 2017: Last chance to collect the STA Claus offer

November 2017: Audified Black Season is about to END

November 2017: Audified Black Season starts now - up to 60% discounts

November 2017: Synergy R1: hardware reverb available now (with free shipping)

October 2017: Save up to $70 with two Audified autumn deals

September 2017: MixChecker: 50% off - Time Limited Offer

August 2017: Audified RZ062 Equalizer: Save $50 on the new valve plug-in

July 2017: U78 Saturator: Summer Sale - 40% off

July 2017: Introducing Synergy R1 Reverb studio hardware

June 2017: inValve Effects Summer Sale

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