Audified on Social Media


As Audified, newly Limited Liability Company, have rebuilt its marketing department, we would also like to present our social media activities.


Facebook is the all-in-one in our marketing mix. We post product announcements,  discounts and share other posts about audified. We appreciate every like, comment and share as it helps our company grow. Link here.


Instagram posting is slightly different. It's more about our company's stories. How we create products, how we test them and what famous artists say about us. What happens behind the scenes stays on Instagram. @audified_official


On twitter, we just announce Audified news. Simply and shortly. @audified


We add all of our videos to the Youtube channel. Some videos introduce new products and some are tutorials helping you to use all features of our products. Link here.


We send our newsletter once or twice a month. Just an overview of what we are working on, news and also pleasant discounts. You can subscribe here.


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