Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is finally here!

Get the best prices of all year! This year, our Black Friday prices are some of the lowest prices we ever had!


Enhance your collection of studio-grade plugins for 80% off. Our renowned ToneSpot – complex tools for mixing all of your drums, bass, voice, acoustic or electric instruments tracks – both Express and Pro Versions are 80 % cheaper!

Collection of German-engineered analog gear recreations such as RZ062 Equalizeru73 Compressor, and u78 Saturator are perfect for bringing that desired analog warmth into your signal path – whether you are mastering or mixing! Be sure to grab them in German Studio Bundle for 75 % off

MixChecker and MixChecker Pro are the greatest tools for checking your mixes on a variety of simulated devices – to make sure your mixes sound great on headphones, your TV, or in your car! Be sure to save 50 % on these time-and-nerve saving tools.