Holiday season is in full swing! Every week of December, we will bring out sales on various products.

Kicking off the advent, guitar players will find their perfect rig with Linda RockStack and MultiDrive Pedal Pro for 50 % off. 

Linda RockStack celebrates 1st birthday!

Our collaborative project with Martin Linda - amazing musician, programmer, and audio engineer - borne custom-tailored three-channel amp, perfect for Clean, Rock, or Metal. Now RockStack is celebrating its 1st birthday. To celebrate this, we decided to bring you a deal - 50 % off! (And maybe prepare you for another Linda Audio plugin soon :P)

Linda RockStack is a three-channel amplifier plug-in. Clean, Rock, and Metal channels feature extensive control with Pre and Post Gain EQ settings and additional Tight, Fat, and Body contours - so finding your dream tone has never been easier.

The ability to continuously blend cabinet impulses allows you to surgically tailor your sound.  A separate switchable effects section with Multi-stage Chorus and Delay will inspire you even more! Perfect for rock, metal, and everything in-between or beyond.  

And what goes better with a great amp, than selection of legendary drive pedals?! To complete your virtual rig of dreams, we decided to half the prize on MultiDrive Pedal Pro - featuring precise simulations of 12 legendary drive pedals. From subtle boost and amp-like overdrive to screaming distortion and beefy fuzz, MultiDrive Pedal Pro has it all. 

With the authentic, 1:1 models of the circuits, MultiDrive Pedal Pro brings you the analog sound of the original pedals. There is never enough pedals in the hands of a guitar players. Whether you are trying to sound like your heroes, or find your signature sound - it has never been easier.

Be sure to keep up to date with Audified web, newsletter, and blog! Every advent week, we will bring out sales on various themed products. This week it is (obviously) guitar-themed. Can you guess what comes out next?


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