If you haven't received serials or a response to a support ticket

  • Please double check your email address, we cannot send messages to invalid addresses. It applies to serials and support ticket responses.
  • We had some problems with the GMX networks (web.de, gmx.com, gmx.net, gmx.at) and a few other servers in February 2021, one of our servers was blacklisted for unknown reason so we only sent confirmations from another server. Now it should be fixed - in case you haven't received anything to GMX mail, open a support ticket and check the ticket response in the browser, as the email response might be undeliverable.
  • If you open a ticket, our staff may easily paste the lost or undelivered serial to the conversation. Your purchases are secure, all problems with delivery, lost serials and crashed drivers with lost licenses can be fixed. 

Thanks for your patience if anything gets wrong somewhere!

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