Introducing Sphene Pro - High-Gain Bass Module

Hello Audified friends,

We are very excited to present you our new high-gain bass plug-in workstation: 

Sphene Pro

Sphene Pro is designed for creating contemporary distorted bass tones. It is based on our proprietary sound aesthetics and delivers astonishing variety of heavy sounds with pedal-like familiarity of its graphical user interface. Combining the best of top notch 3D models and modern flat design, Sphene Pro is truly a gem of a plug-in.

Sphene Pro
Sphene Pro price is $79. (A-list price is $49).
  • Sphene Pro offers 5 Amp models, 5 Cabinet models, ToneSpot Shaping Technology, Blend feature, Boost switch, and Expander-gate feature. 
  • Sphene plug-in exists in LE version, too. You can purchase it for just $2 and try one selected AMP & CAB in contrast to extended specs of the Pro version.
  • To learn more about the product, please go to its product page. Or watch the introduction video below.


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