Introducing ToneSpot ComputerMusic

Hello Audified friends,

meet our unique ToneSpot Express plug-in made in direct collaboration with Computer Music Magazine

ToneSpot ComputerMusic

We have partnered with Computer Music to create a preset-based universal tool for mixing stringed acoustic or electric instruments, drums and voice, no matter whether recorded or computer-generated. Now the product is available world-wide for you to purchase. This plug-in is truly unique in its concept. Based on our line of Express plug-ins, it serves as a multi-purpose "makes it better" problem solver and sound enhancer with wide variety of possible uses. Its 37 special presets were produced  in conjunction with CM editors and every one of them is tailored to specific needs of computer music enthusiasts.

Sphene Pro
  • ToneSpot ComputerMusic price is $49. (A-list price is $29).
  • Included in its presets the plug-in offers multiple shaping EQs, Valve Saturation, multiple Compressors, Delay, Reverb, Modulation and our special Finalizer.
  • To learn more about the product, please go to its product page.
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