Just released: STA Effects Generation 2

After the success of the first generation of our STA Effects we are here with version 2 of the favorite plugins. Much was improved in the new version.

How it works?

The STA Effects are based on STA (Summing Tube Amplifier) technology that uses two signal paths. One is processed by modulation or spectral change and the other is clean. These two signals are mixed on a vacuum tube.

What is new?

We have added a brand new plug-in the STA Delay. STA Effects now contain the Preamp, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Enhancer.
We improved the internal processing, changed the operation points to achiveve better Saturation results and also improved the GUI significantly, so that the users get better access to all functions and added controls.

Complete list of new features:

• Plugins brand changed to Audified, IDs and licensing changed as well. Could be installed and used simultaneously with previous versions but cannot use former user presets.
• Major GUI update with Retina support.
• Algorithms operating point changed and VU metering recalibrated so 0 dBVU corresponds to –9 dBFS.
• Level In and Level Out parameters added so you can easily adjust signal level to reach desired saturation.
• Delay plugin added.
• DSP algorithms performance improved.
• Audio Unit mono to stereo ability added.
• Mac: Old OSX support dropped, at least OSX 10.9.5 is required.
• ProTools advanced shortcuts functionality improved.
• ProTools Audio Suite functionality improved.

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