macOS Catalina

Hello from Audified,

The release of the new macOS Catalina speeded up updates of our plug-ins and apps. You may expect updates with changed features (MixChecker, MixChecker Pro, TNT VE, U73b, ...) or maintenance updates of our other products. Catalina requires notarization, approval of the plug-ins and apps by Apple. We did all the necessary steps towards the notarization and most of our key products should work properly on Catalina.

Read the System requirements, please. They are displayed at the bottom of the product pages (as TECHNICAL INFO) and on the page where you download the files. If you see ...10.15 there, the product is notarized and it will work with Catalina now and in the future. 

That being said, if you are not sure whether your product is Catalina compatible and you are in the midst of working on an important project (using any of our plug-ins or software) we recommend you to check the compatibility with our Support center before the update.

We will happily provide you all the important information.

Here are a few additional suggestions based on our experience with the new Apple macOS version Catalina:

  • Do not hurry with the upgrade to Catalina, especially some DAW's may cause problems. Respect your DAW producer recommendations related to Catalina.
  • Most of Audified products are already notarized and they work normally.
  • Some of our products require to open them with right-click, clicking "Open" in the contextual menu. This is the same step as with unsigned applications in the current versions of macOS. There is a temporary period until developers  solve all the requirements of Catalina. 


macOS Catalina


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