MixChecker Pro – The Legend is back

Audified proudly announces the release of the new MixChecker Pro. Double Check your Mix with MixChecker Pro!

The new MixChecker Pro simulates more than 60 devices and you may create custom sets from them with automatic advancing. No impulse responses anymore, there is a new phase-linear, low latency engine behind the simulation. We have modeled device distortions and added a possibility to simulate noise of the real environment. See the complete list of new features here.   

Try it for 30 days for free. 

The price of MixChecker Pro is $199. For all the owners of the original MixChecker who purchased directly from us, we offer a special price: Only $59. If you purchased from our distributors, they have a special pricing, too.

Coupon: purchasedMChFromAudified

MixChecker Pro is not an update, it is a new product (version 1.0), it may run in parallel with the original MixChecker and you may try it for 30 days, even if you finished the 30-day trial for MixChecker.

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