MultiDrive Pedal Pro – Kick Up Your Guitar

It's official – Audified releases another set of stomp boxes. After legendary GT Player and successful Audiffex MultiDrive Pedal, it's the new MultiDrive Pedal Pro which kicks up your guitar!

MultiDrive Pedal Pro utilizes increased computer performance and reflects gear modeling and 3D graphics techniques advances of the last 20 years. 

MultiDrive Pedals Pro is actually a set of 12 legendary stomp boxes in a plugin.

Overdrive for power.
Distortion for complexity.
Fuzz for fuzziness.
Boost for hearing every detail.

The improved Pro version offers even better sound and features than the legendary original version which is used by thousands of musicians and studios. With 32 killer presets chosen by guitarist, the Pro gives you many options to kick up your sound!


As you may check here, Audified celebrates 20 years of development under brand names DSound, Audiffex and Audified.

One of our first products was a set of Stomp Boxes. From the beginning, we were company focused on guitar software. GT player – our first guitar focused product was selected by M-Audio for their guitar bundles and was very successful.

MultiDrive Pedal Pro ⎮Official Video

Check out the amazing sound of the MultiDrive Pedal Pro in the Official Video (ft. Geoff Tyson).


Get the set of 12 legendary stomp boxes here.

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