Our statement related to COVID-19

Hello to all our friends, customers and partners, 

We are all affected by the COVID-19 epidemic some way. I prefer the safety of our employees and partners to anything else, including business, so they work from their homes now doing only what can be done remotely. Personally, I must stay at home without any contacts as my family belongs to the strongly endangered group.   

However, our electronic communication and distribution are not much affected, we respond to your questions (we are a bit slower than usual) and we continue the development. We do not handle Synergy R1 direct orders now.

My heart is with old people, with people with decreased immunity and with those who protect the safeness of all of us, especially employees of hospitals. I see how difficult is their work now.  

I wish you, your families and friends not to be affected by the disease and I hope it will end soon.

Lubor Prikryl, Audified CEO      

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