Presenting IronVerb - Universal creative reverb!


Martin Linda - the mind behind Linda RockStackis very peculiar about the sounds he likes and finds inspiring. His years-long experience as a musician combined with his expertise as a programmer gave birth to our newest Audified Wings product - Linda IronVerb



IronVerb is in essence a classic algorithmic reverb, but with few unique twists. The first one is, the algorithms are custom-tailored and don't try to recreate specific hardware units. As with everything Martin Linda does, this plugin is completely built from the ground up to fulfill the creative and musical approach to making music. 

The main unique feature is the Ironize control. This control adds metallic, iron-like, or glossy smooth character to the sound. Using Ironize can accentuate the metallic sound, add it to less metallic modes, or use it to create crazy Synth or Pad sounds with the control to the Full Iron. 

But don't be discouraged. Using IronVerb even without Ironize gives you an amazing, versatile, and most importantly musical and creative reverb plugin that is usable on all instruments. Featuring 6 modes, a variety of controls, and over 60 instrument-specific presetsIronVerb focuses on bringing universality to the forefront. Anything from simple reverbs close to small spaces to big ambient and ethereal soundscapes, IronVerb does it all. 



IronVerb was designed as a chain of combinations of delays and filters, which in turn makes the reverb less diffusive and very characteristic sound-wise. It blends well with the source sound, rather than sitting on top of them as many reverbs do. This natural sound sits greatly in the mix, doesn't wash out when used on more tracks, and gives you the creative freedom to craft the sound you are looking for, all with a simple and intuitive interface.  

Who it is for?

Whether you are a producer, musician, composer, or mixing engineer, IronVerb brings out the best in your creative process. With a big variety of uses and a simple control layout, this very musical reverb is perfect for extending your reverb palette and bringing up creativity in you.



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