Rules of the Facebook contest

Do you want to get a MixChecker Pro for free? You can take part in our Facebook contest! We are giving away MixChecker Pro for 3 winners! Just answer the question and hope you guessed it right.

The marketing team of Audified has to ensure the competition is fair and smooth, so let's share the giveaway rules so there is no confusion about it!

  1. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook
  2. The giveaway is hosted and organised by Audified LLC
  3. No purchase is necessary
  4. Purchase does not enhance chance of winning
  5. Void where prohibited
  6. The contests starts on September 5 and finishes on September 20 (UTC+1)
  7. The contesters must be aged 18+
  8. The winner gets 1 MixChecker Pro for free. We choose 3 winners.
  9. The winner is the Facebook user who comment under the particular post an answer on the question mentioned in the text section of the post and guess the exact number or gets the closest to the right answer. The price is based on the right guess.
  10. If there are more users with the right to get the price, we choose the person who guessed earlier. So the price is also based on time of the answer.
  11. The winners and the right answer will be announced on September 21 in the comment section of the post. 
  12. If the comment is edited, only the latest version is counted.
  13. The winner will receive a redeem code with 100% discount on MixChecker Pro. It can only be used on our e-shop
  14. Address of the host:

    Purkyňova 649/127
    612 00 Brno
    Czech Republic


Win MixChecker Pro here

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