STA Effects 2: Upgrade info for present users

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Anyone who purchased the first version of STA Effects Bundle or single STA Preamp may take the advantage of discounted purchase of the second generation.

If you bought STA Effects or STA Preamp after April 1 2016 and before the STA 2 release (August 1st), you get your upgrade for free.
Users who obtained the set between January 1 and March 31 2016 can enjoy 80% discount for the upgrade.
Those who bought before December 31 2015 can upgrade with 50% discount.

How to get your discount

It is very simple. Just browse to STA Effects page, add the item to your cart, and on checkout type your STA Effects 1 serial number to the discount column (STA Preamp SN if you are upgrading the Preamp). You will then receive your new serial number and a download link. The offer stands till the end of August 2016.


Please note, there is no upgrade discount available for those, who purchase the STA v1 after the STA 2 release. 

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