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U78 Saturator: Parallel Effects on Female Voice

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It's about time you should get used to the fact, that our friend Geoff Tyson creates useful production video tips and hints for you. Here comes yet another.  This time Geoff does his magic on female voice exploiting the powers of U78 Saturator, STA Delay and inValve EQ. We hope you are going to find that inspiring. Geoff is working on another tip already...  Read more →

U78 Saturator: How to Mix Big Rock Drums

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Instructional video By Geoff Tyson You probably already know Geoff Tyson - if not for his art, then definitely for his short introduction on our blog. Geoff admited he was obsessed with using our plug-ins - especially the U78 Saturator. To prove that he prepared a series of videos for us.  Naturally, the first video is dedicated to his favourite U78 Saturator. In this piece Geoff shows how to Mix rock drums with extra power and energy using only U78 Saturator without even tweaking it's knobs. We knew U78 is powerful, but this rocks even harder then expected.  Read more →

Just Released: Audified Studio Bundle

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We are happy to announce that we packed our most important tools into the new Audified Studio Bundle to save your money and your time. This ultimate collection contains our awarded MixChecker - the tool that helps you get better mixes instantly, the vintage U73b Compressor and the awesome U78 Saturator based on the U73b circuitry. This mighty triad is accompanied by TNT Voice Executor - the effect dedicated to everyone who records vocals or voice-overs. Limited time offer The four plug-ins worth $516 are now available for just $399. The offer is time limited and will last until April... Read more →

U73b Compressor: Just updated

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We have just released an update to our U73b Compressor. The precise simulation of the vintage German compressor is a plug-in for AAX, VST and AU platforms. The new version (2.0.1) of the plug-in reports the latency caused by activated oversampling. We have also improved AudioUnit compatibility with older Carbon hosts and fixed a few minor bugs.Please note we offer 30 days fully working trial version of the U73b Compressor as well as for the U78 Saturator - plug-in based on the vintage circuitry of U73b. So if you haven't tried yet, it's time to do so. Read more →