TNT Voice Executor: New Product just released

We are proud to announce the new plug-in in our portfolio - TNT Voice Executor. As the name indicates, the effect is dedicated to everyone who records vocals or voice-overs.

So if you belong to the big family of music producers, youtubers, podcasters, broadcasters or video makers, you should definitely (at least) get the 30 days trial version.

TNT Voice Executor offers quick and intuitive voice tracks editing. It is preset based - one click sets your Gate, EQ, Compression, Limiter and other internal modules. That brings not just perfect sound but also a huge amount of time saved on each project. And you know, the modern production sometimes forces you to count the seconds. Even if you are not a sound engineer, you can handle that stress with TNT Voice Executor...

TNT Voice Executor Introductory Sale: Save $20

The regular price of this VST/AAX/AU plug-in available for Mac and Windows is set to $69 but you may take the advantage of the initial sale and save $20 on your license. Just browse to the TNT Voice Executor page.

BUY NOW FOR $49 (instead of regular $69)
The offer stands until March 19.

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