ToneSpot Bundles are out now

Hello Audified friends,

We are happy to announce a new offering to our web store. From now on, you can get both ToneSpot plug-in series as bundles and regular ToneSpots are temporarily discounted by 30%. This discount lasts until February 19.


On top of that, our A-list customers are sent an exclusive one-off discount code (check your email). Using this code, A-list customers can get an additional $30 discount on every product in our web store including those already discounted.


What does bundle mean and why is it awesome?

A bundle is a group of products usually sold as one unit. In our case, ToneSpot Pro Bundle consists of five ToneSpot Pro plug-ins and ToneSpot Express Bundle includes five ToneSpot Express plug-ins. These bundles are an absolute mixing wonder and we strongly believe, they will take your mixing game to the next level.

Prices are as follows: ToneSpot Pro Bundle is $222 and ToneSpot Express Bundle is $122. Meaning the plug-ins included would cost two times more, when sold separately and without any discount.

So do not hesitate and get yours today. With these two well-thought-out collections, you won't need anything else to make your mixes sound world-class. Whether you choose the Pro version or the Express one, you will get five awesome tools for mixing Vocals, Drums, Bass, Electric guitars and other Acoustic instruments - all in one package. 

ToneSpot Pro Bundle

ToneSpot Express Bundle




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