ToneSpot Voice Express release


The new ToneSpot Voice Express will get your vocal mix done faster than anything else. 

ToneSpot Voice Express

      • ToneSpot Voice Express is a preset based all-in-one vocal mixing plug-in.
      • It delivers exactly the same sound quality and exactly the same amount of processing power as its bigger sibling ToneSpot Voice Pro, but without a need of detailed controls.
      • It includes 90 presets divided into five categories - Essential, Rap, Vocals, Speech, Special.
      • Every preset makes for a completely different style of mixing, including internally changing parameters such as Equalization, Compression, Saturation, Reverb and Delay.
      • The Delay parameter can be synced to the tempo of the project by specifying an additional beat parameter, or it can be switched off.
      • As every member of the Express series, ToneSpot Voice Express includes our proprietary AGC (Automatic Gain Control) function. It is independently switchable on the input as well as on the output section of the plug-in.


Check out the official teaser below

If you want to try the ToneSpot Voice Express for yourself, you can download a demo version or order it directly here.



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