U73b Compressor: Version 2 released

We are proud to announce availability of Version 2 of U73b Compressor as an authentic emulation of the unique-sounding Sixties-vintage German broadcast compressor/limiter hardware.

Buy from us or our US PARTNERS or Plug-in Boutique until the end of October and you will get STA Preamp and inValve Effects for FREE. 

Version 2 of U73b Compressor strikingly stands out from its predecessor — released to widespread critical acclaim back in May 2015 — from the get-go courtesy of a gorgeous GUI (Graphical User Interface) that not only makes its improved Version 2 status clearer still by blazoning Nr. 2.0.0 below its name but literally leaps out of Retina-supporting screens… well, almost! See what is new in the video or simply download the 30 days trial version.

New in version 2 

  • External side chain added
  • Auto Output parameter added
  • Plugins built in newer IDEs, probably more effective code.
  • Color settings dialog added
  • Default calibration parameter value mechanism added, calibration parameter range changed.
  • English language added
  • Oversampling added
  • GUI improved, retina support
  • Software can be used on 2 computers per ID simultaneously. (User gets 2 licenses)
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