Upgrade from MixChecker to MixChecker Pro [updated]


Answers to some questions we received after the release are below.

We have released MixChecker Pro and it will be available in parallel with the original MixChecker. 

Now you may upgrade from the standard to the Pro version spending only a fraction of the full price. 

If you have purchased MixChecker from our resellers, they have the records about your purchase and they should offer the discounted upgrade.

If you have purchased from Audified: You don't need an account here. When proceeding to checkout, just fill in your name,  email address and other credentials the same way as you did it when purchasing the original MixChecker. Especially, be careful to enter the same email address. Enter the discount code on the right of the form.


And you will obtain $140 discount. 

Enjoy MixChecker Pro!


Is MixChecker Pro a new version of MixChecker?  

No. The Pro version is a more advanced and feature packed product. MixChecker will be updated and MixChecker Pro will be updated in the future as two independent products.

May I use MixChecker Pro and MixChecker simultaneously on one computer?

Yes. If you have purchased MixChecker and then MixChecker Pro, you have four independent licenses (2 per each of MixCheckers). 

I have purchased MixChecker a few weeks ago. Why should I pay the same upgrade price ($59) as customers who purchased it long ago? 

The customers who purchased MixChecker recently paid much less that its regular price. If you missed the discount and the upgrade would be too expensive, let us know, we will make an individual offer. 

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