VocalMint Compressor - Take a mint and get noticed!

Hello Audified friends,

please let us welcome the new member of our VocalMint plug-in line: 

VocalMint Compressor

Have you ever wondered how to build up a complete compression chain for any vocal track in only one move? VocalMint Compressor is designed to make this dream happen! Using 3 different & cleverly pre-tuned compressors, which include a special analog-like stage based on the model of a real valve, VocalMint Compressor runs your signal through its virtual signal chain and compresses it and shapes it at the same time. All you have to do is turn the knob!


VocalMint Compressor price is $79. (A-list price is $49).
  • The plug-in menu can be closed or opened for additional controls such as a Zoom option or a dBU/ dBFS Calibration.
  • VocalMint Compressor has a free Demo version, too. You can simply download it and try how the plug-in sounds on your specific tracks.
  • To learn more about the product, please go to its product page. Or watch the introduction video above.


VocalMint Compressor
VocalMint Compressor real life
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