VocalMint Saturator - One-knob saturation & shaping

Hello Audified friends,

We truly hope, you are as safe and healthy as possible during these difficult times. These days, despite the hardship regarding the COVID-19 situation, we are still working hard on our new products. We love bringing you new tools in the hope of making your engineering & production work more enjoyable and easier. It is our passion and fuel and it helps us to cope with the current state, too.

Today, we are very proud to introduce you to a brand new member of our product family. Please welcome:

VocalMint Saturator

Our new one-knob voice specific saturator and shaper plug-in.
VocalMint Saturator


  • VocalMint Saturator is an easy-to-use but "hard to go wrong with" vocal production tool.
  • It has two main functions. It provides you with pleasantly musical tube-style saturation while shaping your track using our pre-tuned EQ algorithms.
  • It is extremely usable across the whole range of the knob and it takes only seconds to learn.


In recognition of the COVID-19 crisis, we have decided to make the current price of VocalMint Saturator very attractive. Hope it helps.

VocalMint Saturator is currently priced at only $29.
The regular price of the product will be $79 after May 14.


To learn more about the product, please go to its product page. Or watch the introduction video and tutorial below.


 If you want to try VocalMint Saturator for yourself, you can download a demo version or order it directly here.

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