Why you should use oversampling

Plug-ins based on the models of real devices such as distortions, saturators – such as U73b Compressor or U78 Saturator offer oversampling function which brings up a lot of our user’s questions: Why should any one use it, when it takes so much CPU? And what it really does?

When this setting is turned on, the internal plug-in processing runs at higher sample rate than set in the DAW. You should use this function to supress audio tones which are not present in the original sound and are not higher harmonics of the original sound content. Technically, this type of distortion is called aliasing distortion.

Oversampling in RZ062

Our latest plug-in RZ062 Equalizer also uses oversampling. To keep the authenticity of the sound of this complicated device (4 valves used in each channel), you cannot turn that off in this case. Oversampling is dynamically set to 176.4 kHz or192 kHz.

Why does Oversampling take so much CPU power?

“If the oversampling is used, it means for the effect that it runs at multiple sampling rate,” explains the lead models programmer Jarda, “and all the calculations all multipled as well. In other works, for 4 times oversampling, we need to process 4 times more audio samples with the same algorithm making it 4 times more CPU demanding. We use internal sample rate of 176.4 or 192 kHz for models with small nonlinearities - compressors, EQs and others. But for some models of saturators, distorition/overdrive units it can be even doubled.”

Tip: How to use oversampling

To turn the oversampling function on, click the service menu button (the wrench logo) and choose “Oversampling” in the menu. Use oversampling only just before the final rendering otherwise it will put your CPU to its knees. Freeze the tracks If you need it while mixing as well to save precious processor power.

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