Geoff Tyson: I'm obsessed with the U78 Saturator

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Geoff is originally a guitar player that evolved into a producer and composer. He studied with Joe Satriani when he was a teenager. Then he toured around the world as a guitarist with various artists. Later he worked in the recording studio with Eric Valentine, Jason Corsaro and Mike Shipley over the years. His skills have evolved with time to include production and engineering. Now he composes music for TV and film. Geoff tours around the world with his various bands, and he works as a sound engineer live and in the studio. What are the main projects you are proud about? There are many: Stimulator (Universal Records), T-Ride (Hollywood Records), Geoff... Read more →

Stereospread: Crafting the STA Delay

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Stereospread is an electronic-pop duo consisting of Sara Snyder (vocals, synths, guitar) and James Hopkins (synths, bass, guitar, drums). The reason you read about them here is James's close cooperation with Audified - he created notable presets for the STA Delay. Stereospread has had several songs become noteworthy, most namely their track "The Fire" which has been remixed by artists all over the world. The most popular remix (by Killstarr) was played over 64,000 times!  Stereospread has embraced different genres, as well - i.e. their collaboration with hip-hop artist Pretty Boy Beats.   With an over 176,000 plays of their original... Read more →

Nico Cotton: MixChecker saves me

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Nico Cotton is a producer, mixing engineer and songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His main focus is to generate emotions in the people listening the song that he created. He believes the mix, the production and the songwriting are connected to each other, and each helps to generate these emotions. What are the main projects you are proud about? I have worked as a producer and songwriter in the award-winning album of the Argentinian artist AXEL, "Tus Ojos, Mis Ojos" (Sony Music), which was a gold and platinum record in Latin America. What is your current most important project? I am currently working with AXEL... Read more →

Emrah Celik: MixChecker makes me fat

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Emrah is a sound engineer, electronic music producer and dj from Sweden which has a successful carrier. Nominated “Producer of the Year” in Sweden. He's now working at a University as a music education leader in Sweden and running an online music academy as a tutor. What are the main projects you are proud about? Every production, mixing and mastering that I have touched I am proud of. You have to trust yourself and your products. This is the only way to achieve a successful carrier. What is your current most important project? My most important current project is Mixyap Online Music Academy (in... Read more →

Continuum: Vocal Compression and Saturation Tips

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Kriss Walas interview The Continuum Music Studio and MRAA are focused on serving artists and students. The programming offered is highly customizable and connective. Kriss Walas, the owner of the studio who also created a very cool video containing tips and tricks how to work with our U7x plug-ins, shares a few words with us. What is your main focus? I am to serve people on a high level and assist people with their dreams in any way I can. For those looking to have a professional polish over a ITB mix, hybrid stem mixing or mastering is the way... Read more →