TNT Voice Executor: Behind the scenes

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Tomáš Trkal is the owner of TNT recording studios. That wouldn’t be perhaps too exciting if he also wasn’t the man behind the Audified new release. The TNT Voice Executor that  refers to the studio’s name, is a product of Tomas’ work. It is a sophisticated plug-in for speech and vocals editing, that will ease and speed your work. What is your specialization in music industry? I specialize in recording, mixing and mastering R’n’B and Hip-Hop music. Since both genres have lots in common and they are pretty colorful in case of vocal interpretation, my daily routine is to deal... Read more →

Scott Yahney

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Writer, producer, musician AmpLion Roars! Scott Yahney is a producer, writer and keyboard player from New York. He has been playing in all kinds of bands since he was fifteen years old, and his keyboard style ranges from classic rock all the way to light jazz. "I do many sessions around NY for all different kinds of music. Lately I have been doing dance/pop remixes. Music is my life and I enjoy producing, writing and remixing it all!" Scott started playing at age two and grew up on Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, classic rock, disco, R&B, the big 80's, techno... Read more →

Liv Singh Khalsa

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Record producer and sound engineer Liv Singh Khalsa is Billboard reviewed and top 10 charting, Grammy Nominated, 3 time NAMA award winner, Keyboard Magazine album of the year winner (EMI - Sony - Warner - Sounds True). Liv Recorded and Produced: Wiz Khalifa, Bruce Walker (Dream Works Records), Bizzy Bone, Chris Ray, DMX (After Platinum Records), Ken Mary with Alice Cooper and House of Lords (EMI), Michael Dunlap with the Commodores, Zakir Hussan, Ron Feurer with Diana Ross and the Fifth Dimension, Steve Kujala with Chick Corea, Jordan Rudess, Kim Robertson, Singh Kaur, Ken Koshio Taiko Drums, Snatam Kaur, Lester Chambers... Read more →

Greg Brimson

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Composer, Producer and Re-Mixer I'm interested in products that work. The U73b is a joy to my ears. Perfect. The GK Amplification 2 Pro. Amazing. Solves so many problems instantly. There is nothing you can't do with this. Makes my mixes sing. Love it.  Greg Brimson is a UK-based composer, producer and re-mixer who has received many Gold and Silver awards both domestically and internationally for his work. His musical interests are very wide and reflected in the diverse genres of artists who he has worked with, from Eminem to Bush, Gary Numan to The Levellers, Paradise Lost to Mummiy Troll. Greg's... Read more →

Boris Carloff

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Artist, songwriter, producer U73 is the smoothest compressor I ever tried. The SW version is something Audified can be proud of. Boris was nominated for Best sound Czech Grammy 2006 for album Dreamer (band Sunshine). He also produced song Atentat (band Krystof) which won Czech Grammy in 2008 as The song of the year. The song was also the most played radio hit in 2008 on Czech radio stations. The same year the album ‚Laska jako oliva‘ (Ivan Hlas) was nominated in category Folk and Country. In 2012 Boris released album The Escapist. The album won Czech music awards of czech... Read more →