Tony Vincent describes his love for U73b

Artist and producer Tony Vincent is best known for his appearance on the second season of NBC's reality singing competition, The Voice. He was featured as Simon Zealotes in remake of the film Jesus Christ Superstar (2000), and when the production was revived on Broadway that same year Vincent earned critical acclaim starring as Judas Iscariot. In 2002 Vincent originated the role of Galileo Figaro in the rock band Queen's smash hit We Will Rock You in London's West End. He also fronted the band itself on several occasions, including a performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee concert. While working on new stuff, Tony employs U73b Compressor. 

You seem to be one of the first users of U73b Compressor, have you ever had the chance to hear the original U73b?

I have not, no. I've only seen images of what the hardware version looks like. I admit, Audified has the leg-up on the attractiveness! The GUI is killer.

What attracted you to use this plugin then?

I'd be lying if I said the look of the plugin grabbed my attention at first. I was not aware of this comp/limiter in its hardware form — and, thus, I had no preconceived take on how this plugin would work or sound. I listened to the video/audio clips online and was really intrigued as to how this sounds — specifically on vocals. I'm always on the constant search for compressors that have a unique identity and respond in a cool way. The U73b definitely falls into those parameters.

What do you think is the strength of this gear?

There are many software plugin companies that lack innovation and ultimately disappear. The fact that Audiffex has such a history— that they were the first company to bring FX plugins to MacOS AND are continuing to develop new products is testimony that this company is serious— serious enough that they have had a tight partnership with Brno Technical University! For me, two of the biggest strengths of the U73b is the way it handles bass (acoustic, electric, etc.) as well as vocals. There's a lovely top end and clarity that this plugin provides — while at the same time adds roundness and warmth (due to the valve emulation).

How do you use it? What instruments do you think it suits best?

Again, I mostly use this on bass guitar (or synth bass) as well as vocals. While I'm a multi-instrumentalist, vocals are my main thing— so I'm very picky about what I use on any vocalist in my studio. The U73b KILLS IT on vox!

Do you use any other Audiffex/Audified stuff?

I'm really looking forward to using their ampLION Pro and Pedals plugins. I love using guitar pedals on vocals, synths, drums... 

Is there anything you are currently working on with U73b included?

I just started my next solo project— so that's mainly what I'm using it on... 90% of my lead vocals are going thru the U73b comp/limiter. This really helps the vocal sit in the track while still having the ability to let the listener really hear the vox upfront.

Visit Tony`s web page.

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