Richard Scheufler: Benefits of inTone 2

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Richard is considered to be the number one bass player in the Czech Republic and if you take a listen to his music it is easy to hear why. He is also Eden Bass Amplification artist. Richard loves to experiment with his sound. He loves to play around with effects, all kind of settings and signal routing. We asked him, how he used inTone 2


What inspired you to start using inTone 2?

inTone 2 is very intuitive software that allows me to simulate my on stage conditions at home. It offers wide sound options and contains so many effects, that you can combine as you will and that brings a powerful tone variability.

What is the main plus of inTone 2?

I see the Track Player as a great benefit. It is an excellent tool to rehearse songs and music parts. It allows to slow down the playback, so that you can practice your riffs in slow tempo but also you can more easily listen to hard parts of the playback, you are jamming with.

You use inTone 2 mainly for home purposes. Wouldn't inTone 2 Solo do the job for you?

No. Even a single instrument can be routed through several tracks to get the sound you need.

Which effects do you like the best?

I love modulation effects. InTone has great chorus, flanger and phaser. It also features great auto wah and octaver. What surprised me the most are the distortion and ovedrive effects. It is great that a lot of the effects has special versions for guitar and bass.

Do you have any personal tip, how to use inTone 2?

Well, I use it for my personal practicing. But I see the main advantage in the chance to turn your living room into a virtual rehearsal room with all equipment you may need without need of moving instruments or amps. I can jam with anybody who shows up in my apartment.

Another great thing is the control over dynamics. You can get great sound without playing too loud. I just plug my monitor speakers or headphones. Which pleases my neighbors :).

I also use inTone 2 when I teach my students.

Do you use any other Audified tools?

Yes. I use GK Amplification 2 Pro as a plug-in for Cubase, inValve Effects and ampLion Pro.

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