ACHIEVE - Communication, publicity, discounts.

I am starting to publish what we can offer to disabled people. 

1. We are listening and preparing

Firstly, I apologize I did not respond to all of your nice stories. I was ill almost all the holidays. But I have organized your messages and they really help me to create a plan which would not be my plan but rather your plan.

  • We have created an email address achieve@ our domain, so you may contact us directly. 
  • The Achieve support ticket category is already created. 
  • We analyze your messages trying to reply to everybody. They inspire us to extend the following services.

2. Publicity

I have received invitations to visit websites, various samples and even references to apps created by musicians with disabilities. Thanks! We will help to spread your stories to the world. 
  • Submit your stories and we will publish them, sharing your work and links. Please do not hesitate, also tell us what to keep private if you want to keep it private.  
  • We will publish your story here wit all links and contents. 
  • There is no condition that you would have to use Audified products in your stories. Absolutely! 

3. Discounts.

  • We offer discounts for all Achieving people with disabilities. Write us, our support form, category Achieve.
  • Describe your situation and the discount will be individual. 

It is not a charity, it is something we consider to be a standard service and we'll be happy to help. Don't hesitate to apply.


4. We consider disability creating user interfaces of our products.

Something already happened - we added a zoom menu to our latest products so the 150 and 200% magnification may make the use of our SW easier. We plan to increase contrast of the GUI. We follow several guidelines but nobody's perfect, we're improving the compliance. 

  • We are listening - write us your opinions and suggestions. The guidelines are good but the personal experience is more accurate. 


5. The needs of people with disabilities will affect our research and our university teaching

We cannot share more here but we already cooperate on projects with technologies used extensively by blind people.


Maybe you think that we are expecting some benefit from this activity. Yes, we do. The communication with people with disabilities brings new views of the life to those who are observing. We could easily see that our childish problems are nothing in comparison to the obstacles which disabled people have to overcome. It teaches us to appreciate seemingly ordinary things.  Thanks for it!  

- Lubor, Audified CEO -

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