Agzilla Deckwrecka

Deejay, Producer, Beatmaker

“The U73b is an amazing plugin, so simple but subtly does an amazing job tonally, really does the analogue thing to the sound well within the digital realm, not over hyped or plastic sounding but REALLY subtle and REAL feeling..”
Agzilla came up through the London underground, an integral part of the now legendary Ronin Records collective, extended family member of the band 23 Skidoo and enjoyed enduring solo success under the production Deckwrecka moniker. Having worked with many great artists ranging from bona fide Hip Hop legends such as Ice T and Schooly D, Rodney P and Silent Eclipse through to reggae pioneers like Sugar Minnot and Dawn Penn his love for a late night session or a heavy new lyric still endures… Can always be found in the lab on some sonic adventure…

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