Ana Mangot: We can share emotions in such a beautiful way [1/2]

Ana Mangot, also called Émotionnaire, is one of the closest friends of Audified. She's met us on MusikMesse 2018 in Frankfurt and she was very passionate about our portfolio. Since, Ana tested our new MixChecker Pro and became an important part of our Audified friends community.

Ana, what made you to get in a close touch with Audified?

A friend got some of your products a bit ago and it got me curious. Then I've realized that I'd have briefly tried up some older version of your GK Amplication previously. Of course that made me even more curious since I did not recognize the name of the company. Then I went through your history and I was like wow, such a steady growth! Quite impressed actually, so I wanted to know more about your products and here we are.

Which of our products have you already tried?

As a vocalist, it was a given that my attention would go first into the TNT Voice Executor. After almost 10 years being away from music and knowing little to no music production/mixing at all, I had a clear interest on making my life easier while catching up and learn those things that I never bothered with earlier on. I always went with stuff "my way" and though it did the trick for a while, I am conscious that I did all the wrongest way there is! 

I wanted to change that, start from scratch and simplify my life while still learning how to combine my own way of working with some "proper way of doing things", so it got easier to work with other musicians, for example. The Voice Executor did not disappointed me, while some people out there may underestimate that the TNT is a preset driven plugin, those are powerful and instant effective, it really does the job and it saves a lot of time. From my "not so experienced" standpoint, this is very useful obviously cause I can do the work and get the same professional results even though I am still learning but if you think about it, for the experienced, as it is so time saving, it is also a win/win. Egos aside, at the end of the day: time saved matters too so you can focus on what you do best.

Then I got the honor to do the MixChecker Pro Beta, that was an amazing experience to just see the amount of things I could learn from using a plugin. Because you are really able to see where you gotta do some adjustments so quick and by tweaking those you're actually learning! I am not saying that one doesn't have to go and test real time on the physical devices, but the fact that you can go and test a couple of times and not a hundred well... it is mind blowing! Time is golden, and I am pretty sure everyone agrees with that. What I am so hooked with, is on how simple and intuitive is to use all of them, and there is always the time saving component. I cannot emphasize that enough because it DOES MATTER. I do have a few more plugins that I definitely want to test, specially as I am learning my way into music production, the u73b Compressor, U78 Saturator and the RZ062 Equalizer are on my watchlist. It's just a matter of time that I get my hands on them.

Have you used some of them to boost your mixes which we all can check online?

I've been using the TNT Voice Executor already for some vocals that I've licensed to the media industry and I do believe it will stay with me as a regular tool. Right now, the one I am actually using massively, is the MixChecker Pro. Outside from vocals, I've made my first incursion into tune making by producing some experimental remixes/reworks from Nine Inch Nails, during the "Year Zero" era. That was a ton of fun and it saved me the fact that the whole album concept was so direct, raw and gritty. Like "I'll punch you in the face with my tight fist, Pure Sonic Rage type of sound". So, it wasn't a real problem that I lacked of the gear and a good monitoring system to actually listen to what I was doing properly hahaha Now that I am revisiting everything that was sitting on my sound archive, it was clear to me that I wanted to tweak and remaster some of them.

The MixChecker Pro has also become an essential, no matter what project I'd work on and for a good reason: this plugin actually tackles with that "big monster subject", the eternal engineering issue that it is to  asses how the sound we hear actually is perceived out there... without losing your faders and most important YOUR TIME. It is like having that guy next to you showing what is still to be improved, even if you don't like to hear it! That is so cool. 

Émotionnaire's upcoming album uses it from the very beginning and all the way through. 

I've made a SoundCloud compilation for all of our Audified friends where I'll be adding regularly some examples of "powered by Audified" tracks! You can listen to it here.

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