Audified-Powered Artist: The Wit

Meet The Wit Band!

The Wit is a jazz rock trio formed by Andrei Martinez Agras, Lou Plant and Kevin Chan. Andrei is known for working with Grammy acts like Sintesis, Omara Portuondo (Buena Vista Social Club) and Cecilia Noël. Lou has worked at Metalworks Studio with renowned producer L. Stu Young (Prince). Kevin is known as a multi instrumentalist versed in progressive-rock and fusion.

Check out the band´s brand new EP:


Which Audified plugins did you use during mixing and mastering process of this awesome EP?

Andrei Martinez Agras: I always use U73b as the first insert on the master (without compressing the signal, just for the vintage feel, often without the low-cut). I always use the Multidrive 808 or TS9 in the DI bass track. Of course always use MixChecker on the master buss,  with no compensation. U73 again in the guitar aux and STA2 Delay in an aux send for whatever delays I might need.

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