The Studio of Andrei


As we're operating on a worldwide market, we receive many nice greetings from people around the globe.

Today, we've got a very nice feedback from Andrei.


Andrei works as a sound producer for a TV in Belarus. He uses our plugins for production of video and for preparation of broadcasts.

"Hi colleagues, it is the city of Grodno, Republic of Belarus! I want to share with you the joy concerning work with such wonderful plug-ins! I am a sound producer in small city TV company (, also we have the FM radio ( We provide training for students, we also gather groups of children and we teach them television knowledge."

He also sent us a screenshot of his studio. There you can find TNT Voice Executor, U73b & U78, STA Preamp & Delay.

You can check his production here or you can check the TV website here.

"Thank you very much, you one of the most favourite companies!"

We send our thanks and greetings to Belarus. Good luck, Andrei.

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