Bryan Brain Mantia: U73b Compressor sounds dope as f**k!!!

Anyone, who is at least a little bit interested in rock music, has came across the name of Bryan "Brain" Mantia. This enormously talented and skilled drummer has played with bands such as Primus, Guns N' Roses, Praxis, and Godflesh.

Brain also accompanied other popular performers. We could mention Tom Waits, Serj Tankian, Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins or Buckethead. But Brain is not only a drummer. He's a skilled composer and producer. And that part of him forces him to use Audified Software.

Please describe yourself as an artist.

Music is my faith and my life. I get inspiration from the most trivial things in daily life such as eating, sleeping and working. What I want to experience in my music are survival, the physical body, and the truth!!!

What is your current most important project?

I’m focusing mainly on composing these days. I love the concept of music and visuals. I’m currently working on a film by director Joseph Kahn called “Bodied”.

What is it like to create music for video games? Is it different from regular film score?

Not really… At least not for me… I’m usually still dealing with visuals, a producer and a director that has a vision… Whether it’s a video game or a movie, it’s still like being in a band for me… You have a group of goners getting together to create art… I love it!!!

What are the main projects you are proud about?

My favorites works are the “Detention” and “Love Is All You Need?” film soundtracks…Those are definitely the two projects closest to my heart.

What was your first contact Audified software?

My first encounter with Audified software came when I saw an ad for MixChecker… I tried it out and I was hooked!!!

What Audified tools do you use and what for?

My go to plugs are the U73b Compressor and the U78 Saturator. I use the U73b for mastering all my mixes… It’s super easy to use and it sounds dope as f**k!!! As for the U78 Saturator… Every drum stem I have goes thru that beast!!!

What makes you want to use the particular products?

The quality of the sound… that’s it!!!

How do you check your mixes?

With MixChecker of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!