Continuum: Vocal Compression and Saturation Tips

Kriss Walas interview

The Continuum Music Studio and MRAA are focused on serving artists and students. The programming offered is highly customizable and connective. Kriss Walas, the owner of the studio who also created a very cool video containing tips and tricks how to work with our U7x plug-ins, shares a few words with us.

What is your main focus?

I am to serve people on a high level and assist people with their dreams in any way I can. For those looking to have a professional polish over a ITB mix, hybrid stem mixing or mastering is the way to go! For those looking to learn more about mixing/mastering we have some amazing courses and programming in place which will give people a serious advantage! 

What are the main projects you are proud about?

As the owner of The Continuum Music Studio and Founder of The Music and Recording Arts Academy (MRAA) I am most proud about the fact that we are able to bring a college/trade school level education to the global music production community for a fraction of the cost of the big schools. Big music trade schools can cost up to 20k for a degree and offer zero guarantees that the students investment will render a job in the field upon graduation. We can not promise a job either, but we can offer the same if not a higher quality of education to prepare artists for the real world. Our approach to education is a highly connective experience where we teach students with their own music productions.

What is your current most important project?

Having the ability to work with passionate artists and students each day. No one project is more important than another. We love production, mixing, mastering, and education. We thrive on knowing that we are able to help people reach their dreams. If we are enhancing music sent to us through mixing/mastering, or working with a student on one of their production via Skype or in a video series we are blessed to be serving people daily. If we had to pick one aspect of our programming we truly love it would be our YouTube videos and detailed video courses. Our videos and courses go the extra mile in terms of value and production. We strive to upload as much as we can for free. We truly aspire to be the change we wish to see in the world. From our Mix Review Program, to our free PDFs and eBook, to our YouTube Channel, we have gained a reputation as being one of the most giving music studios online. For this we are grateful and honored.

What Audified tools do you use?

The u73b and the u87 Saturator mostly. While all the products are great, we feel that these 2 products are unlinke anything else on the market and have a defined tone that we have only seen in hardware. These two plugins are also featured on the Heart Rate song "Turn Me Up." These plugins were used on the main vocal and background vocal chains in parallel. 

What makes you want to use the particular products?

The Audified products are unique and we are all about teaching and using unique products that offer a sound we can not find anywhere else. We love tube gear and do not have much of it in our hardware racks. The abillity to capture authentic tube saturation ITB is awesome!

How do you check your mixes?

We have 3 sets of monitors at The Continuum Music Studio. The mains are a Genelec s30d. The secondary are NS10s. The final pair are Avantone Mix Cubes. We know all 3 of these monitors very well and trust ours ears. It should be noted that our mixing and mastering room is heavily treated with custom made acoustic treatment. Occasionally we will use digital meters or plugins to check mixes, but not very often. For people just starting in the craft, it is highly recommendable to use visual and plugin aids for referencing. The fact of that matter is no room is perfect, and ears take years if not decade to fine tune. So, the more advantages you have to stack the deck in your favor the better! MixChecker is a great option for anyone in a small room who could benefit from an objective frame of reference.

What are you up to now? 

The upcoming remix contest in partnership with Pyramind and Indaba Music. This contest featuring the song "Turn Me Up" by Heart Rate is featuring over 30k in prized to 12 winners and is 3 contests in one! This is a revolutionary concept and was designed to empower artists to be highly creative and successful. The contest is broken down into a production/remix section, mix section, and mastering section. All prize bundles are setup to empower people to become more proficient in their craft. For example, grand prize winner will be receiving over 7k in prizes, not to mention the full Duende SSL Mixing Bundle (Retail 1900 USD) and a custom guitar made by BB Custom Musical Instruments. As if all this was not enough, we will be giving away about 500 dollars of free stuff (sound packs, loop packs, ebook, video courses, and vouchers) for everyone who enters! More info will be coming this summer!

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