Damien Walsh: I use MixChecker all the time

Damien Walsh has been working as a composer for the film since 2008. He's worked on games and some TV shows but, most of his work comes in the form of a film. His main focus as a film composer is to tell a story and really get to the heart of the writer and directors vision and enhance the visual as much as possible.

"I perform and produce a lot of my work so I'm wearing 2 caps a lot of the time,  composer/creative and engineer," says Damien about his career. "I really love the mixing process when all of my ideas have been fully formed and generally, this happens at the end of the writing cycle." 

What are the main projects you are proud of?

I have been working with a director called Stephen Gaffney for a number of years now and his, and my first feature film was called "Bully". I was really proud of what that film achieved because it was made with very little budget and turned out really great winning awards and great recognition at film festivals around the world. Another project I worked on recently was an album by the artist "Blakes Fortune" I mixed a number of tracks and also played various instruments on the album, it was a really great experience working closely with the artist and coming up with creative ideas. The mixing process was also a great experience as I had primarily been mixing instrumental music, working with multiple vocals was a good challenge for me and I'm really happy with the final results!

What is your current most important project?

I'm currently working on two episodes of a documentary series for The Smithsonian Channel called "Sacred Sites 2". This is a really interesting historical documentary series about sacred sites around the world. I also finished up two feature films the end of 2017 "Red Room", which had a short cinema release in Ireland and is due for a US release in 2018 and a comedy called "Thank You Come Again".

What was your first contact Audified software?

The first piece of Audified software I used was ampLion Pro. Guitar is my first instrument and I used it in a lot of my compositions so I'm always looking for new sounds or amps to try out. A college friend directed me to ampLion Pro as he was a big fan of the tone so I got myself a copy and still use it today. After that, I wanted to check out the other products, various pedals and of course compressors... the thing that all producers love to talk about! I'm a big fan of the u73b as I'm always looking for musical and harmonic as opposed to transparent compressors and this really has a lovely sound.

In my regular setup I'll be using the u73b depending on the sound I'm looking for, and pretty much all the time I use MixChecker. On top of that, I'll use STA Effects and ampLion on various projects too.

What makes you want to use the particular products?

Primarily their ease of use and I can get results quickly. Everything comes down to time and if I have to fiddle a lot with a plugin to get the sound I like then there's something wrong, or I don't know what I'm doing! But with Audified products, they have great presets which can then be tweaked to your liking pretty fast and easily.

How do you check your mixes?

Like all good engineers on really crappy speakers, in the car etc. But I also use MixChecker quite a lot as it saves me time running around the studio playing files on iPads etc. I normally give myself a day and leave the mix alone then I go back and use MixChecker to see where I'm at. Again, this is a time thing. I like to be able to send cue's for films on a regular basis to a director and it's important that if they listen to it on their phone or iPad, for example, that they are still getting a well-balanced mix, so this is a very helpful product.