Emrah Celik: MixChecker makes me fat

Emrah is a sound engineer, electronic music producer and dj from Sweden which has a successful carrier. Nominated “Producer of the Year” in Sweden. He's now working at a University as a music education leader in Sweden and running an online music academy as a tutor.

What are the main projects you are proud about?

Every production, mixing and mastering that I have touched I am proud of. You have to trust yourself and your products. This is the only way to achieve a successful carrier.

What is your current most important project?

My most important current project is Mixyap Online Music Academy (in Turkish). I love being tutor and teaching everything about music in easiest way.

What was your first contact Audified software?

It was STA Effects and especially STA Enhancer. I demoed it and blown away.

What Audified tools do you use?

I use STA effects, MixChecker, InValve Effects, U73b compressor and U78 Saturator. These plugins are not just only for acoustic music, they are perfect tools for electronic music as well. They give me the feeling of real analog deal, they are perfectly designed, well thought plugins. They are so sensitive, easy to use and saves you lots of time to achive the sound in your head.

What makes you want to use the particular products?

Nowadays we engineers are not working on a single project per month basis. Sometimes there are over 10-20 projects that you have to mix, edit, master etc. That’s why I use Audified plugins. Super simple to use and gets you where you want to go very quickly.

How do you check your mixes?

Before MixChecker, I was using Focusrite VRM. It was a simple tool to check your mixes in different cyber studios. I also took my mixes and monitored in different studio speakers, TVs, radios, headphones and my final decision about a mix was always in my car. Cars are great reference studios that you can have pretty much every detail about how your mixes sounds. MixChecker gives you all those commercials possible simulations in a single panel. You can even compensate your studio monitors.

Well there is a cons about MixChecker. It makes you gain fat :))). I used to park my car a bit far from my studio and walking to my car a few times during a mix session. Now I don’t have to walk to my car because I have MixChecker.

It’s like a flight simulator for pilots. Maybe it won’t give you the entire picture but it will cover pretty much everything about how your mixes sounds in different environments.