Geoff Tyson: I'm obsessed with the U78 Saturator

Geoff is originally a guitar player that evolved into a producer and composer. He studied with Joe Satriani when he was a teenager. Then he toured around the world as a guitarist with various artists.

Later he worked in the recording studio with Eric Valentine, Jason Corsaro and Mike Shipley over the years. His skills have evolved with time to include production and engineering. Now he composes music for TV and film. Geoff tours around the world with his various bands, and he works as a sound engineer live and in the studio.
(In addition, you will soon be able to watch Geoff's instructional videos...)

What are the main projects you are proud about?

There are many: Stimulator (Universal Records), T-Ride (Hollywood Records), Geoff Tyson Band, Smooshface, Macy's (music for their National TV Campaign), Ultimate Fighting Championship (featured music), HBO True Blood soundtrack. The most important current project would be my solo project is an art rock style Smooshface is heavy rock band with a twist. I'm inspired by old Soundgarden and The Bee Gees

What was your first contact Audified software?

The U73b Compressor was the first plug-in that became part of my go-to library. It's massive on kick and snare and great for anything that needs an aggressive attack. Then I found MixChecker which is truly brilliant.

What Audified tools do you use?

I'm obsessed with the U78 Saturator plug in right now. I find it useful on everything from drums, guitars, vocals and even instrument groups. MixChecker has quickly become an indispensable tool for every project I do.

What makes you want to use the particular products?

I like to work quickly so I need my gear to be solid and musical without my spending much time with it. Objectivity is something that gets lost if I focus on one thing for too long. I like to be inspired by the work so I like to finish before I get bored. The Audified plug-ins are my first choice.

How do you check your mixes?

I have various speaker systems and headphones that I use to check my work. Also I have a network of music producers that i respect that are always happy to give an opinion. Lately, I am using the MixChecker before I send anything out. I like that you can also check everything in mono.


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