Greg Brimson

Composer, Producer and Re-Mixer

I'm interested in products that work. The U73b is a joy to my ears. Perfect. The GK Amplification 2 Pro. Amazing. Solves so many problems instantly. There is nothing you can't do with this. Makes my mixes sing. Love it. 

Greg Brimson is a UK-based composer, producer and re-mixer who has received many Gold and Silver awards both domestically and internationally for his work. His musical interests are very wide and reflected in the diverse genres of artists who he has worked with, from Eminem to Bush, Gary Numan to The Levellers, Paradise Lost to Mummiy Troll. Greg's sync work can be heard in European feature films, documentaries, and advertisements.

Greg uses: GK Amplification 2, U73b Compressor, inValve Effects, ampLion Pro

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